The value of a good marketing campaign

  • 06/02/2020
  • 1 min reading time
Marketing plan
Juan Carlos Expósito explaining how to do a marketing plan at International Business Program students. / Photo: ESCI-UPF Archive

The students of International Business Program of GNMI enjoyed a class with Juan Carlos Expósito, the founder of Heyhoods and former Marketing Director of Just Eat Spain. The main goal of his speech was to share his knowledge of how a marketing plan has to be done, which aspects have to be analysed.

JC Expósito explained what he did when he arrived at Just Eat and how he succeeded in putting this brand on the map of Spain market. First of all, he said how Spain is different from other European countries “we like to go eating to restaurants, we don’t stay at home because of the weather”.

The company asked him to increase the number of customers and make them repeat the experience. How he did it? He prepared a marketing plan:

He did a research to find out who were their competitors (how they sold, which strategies did, was there anything they did not that could be an opportunity?, etc.), who was their target and how they lived (consumer behaviour)… And with all this information, he could go ahead and design an strategy.

Decide whether you choose the price, the quality or both. With price strategy you will win new customers, the quality will offer fidelity and a combination of both will give you awareness too.

Expósito decided to apply a big discount on the first purchase, use social networks and other digital tools (CRM, cookies to have more information about their customers) and advertisements.

Finally, he said the last thing to do in a marketing plan is prepare a calendar and a media mix (having in mind all the information from the research) and add some merchandising to put in value the product and the brand.

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