Transparencia en la UE

Comunicar la incertidumbre científica

La incertidumbre es inherente al estudio científico: solo podemos centrarnos en un pequeño subconjunto de la naturaleza y, por tanto, obtenemos una perspectiva incompleta. Por ello, es necesario identificar y comunicar la incertidumbre, un objetivo que persigue la red EU-ANSA, que se reúne estos días en Viena, Austria.

Social media for scientists


Social media for scientists

Social media are set to be the growing communication tool for professional purposes, including the research environment. An increasing number of scientists see it as an important way to engage and connect with colleagues and institutions. So if you want to increase social media engagement, follow some tips below.

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Data for sustainable development

New sources of data, new technologies, and new analytical approaches, if applied responsibly, can enable more agile, efficient and evidence-based decision-making and can better measure progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a way that is both inclusive and fair, according to the United Nations (UN).