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The Covides 2023 Prize Winners

  • 02/05/2023
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Covides Winners Prize 2023
The GNMI winners of the Covides 2023 Prize. / Photo: ESCI-UPF (Martí Nogués)

Last week, 2nd-year GNMI students who participated in the Covides 2023 Prize got to know the winners of the award’s first edition.

In January, second-year students who attended the Business and Marketing course were offered to participate in the Covides 2023 Prize.

The contest was about making a value-added marketing or business proposal for two Covides wines they will launch in June: Mas Llinda 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon and Mas Llinda 2022 White Xarel·lo.

After working on the proposals, the groups presented their ideas in March to an evaluation committee, where both Tomislav Rimac, the lecturer of the GNMI Business Marketing course, and Christophe Marquet, the Commercial & Marketing Director of Covides, took part.

Finally, last week the students got to know the winners of the Covides 2023 Prize. Even if it was stipulated to select only one project, Christophe Marquet pointed out that they were “very happy with the results,” and choosing one winner was not easy. So, due to the impressive and valuable proposals, Covides decided to give three awards: two first prizes and a second prize.

The first prize went to Group 1 –Laura Martí, Jimena Tinoco, and Daniela Trejos– and Group 3 –Margot Falip, Joana Jucglà, Enia Sarrió and Maria José Segura. Each group received a 400€ prize. The second prize winners were Group 2 –Albert Font, Asier Lechuga, and Mar Puyol– who will receive a selection of Covides products.

Marquet appreciated the students’ efforts and said they learned a lot from their proposals. The Covides 2023 Prize was the first time the GNMI students participated in a real-life project of such characteristics. Considering the great results of the initiative, Tomislav Rimac hopes that future GNMI students will get involved in the following editions of the prize.


Covides is the most important wine cooperative in Catalonia. They produce a wide range of still wines and cava from various grape varieties and regions, including Penedès, Montsant, and Priorat. They also produce organic and biodynamic wines. In 2022 they exported up to 70% of their bottled production to over 50 countries.


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