“The buddy network helps you in times of trouble”

Buddy Program Laura Fabrat
The student Laura Fabrat during her Erasmus in Bern. / Photo: Laura Fabrat

Laura Fabrat is a GNMI 4th-year student who this year participated in the ESCI-UPF Buddy Program. She writes about the reasons why she joined the program, her experience mentoring an exchange student, and what her buddy enjoyed the most from Barcelona.

I am very happy to have participated in the buddy program. Last year, I did my Erasmus in  Switzerland –there we had to do 10 days of quarantine due to COVID-19– so we couldn’t leave the room. It was my buddy who get food and the things we needed. There I found out that buddies were not only there to show you around the city, but also to help you in times of trouble.

For that reason, I decided to sign up for the program. I found it very interesting and satisfying to show my buddy the city, as well as to integrate him with local people and, at the same time, help him with any problems or doubts he might have.

Luis Leisgang comes from a university in Innsbruck called MCI – The Entrepreneurial School. He was born in Germany but due to his great love for skiing, he decided to move to Austria and do his studies there.

Luis has done his Erasmus in Barcelona from September to December 2021. He liked very much Barcelona, a city that for him is so big and with so much diversity. I met him the day of the tour with the university. There we were talking a lot and explaining things to each other. I showed him the centre of Barcelona and gave him tips on what the city is like, what to watch out for and what the different neighbourhoods are like at night and during the day.

One day we went out together with Luis, I showed him the Tibidabo and Barcelona’s views from the top. He loved it and found it very magical. It is very nice to see how something that you have seen several times and that you don’t give importance to, impresses another person who sees it for the first time.

What Luis liked the most were his colleagues; he had a great time going to different restaurants and places in the city, discovering the most beautiful corners of the city and the nightlife that Barcelona has to offer.

Luis has had a great time, he has enjoyed Barcelona and the friends he has made here.  And, as he told me, he would recommend the experience to everyone.

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