2024 IBP Program for Boston College Students

Boston College 2024
Students of the Boston College who participated in the IBP Program 2024 edition. / Photo: Samer Ajour

Jordi Puig, academic coordinator of the IBP Program (International Business Program), sums up the third-year edition of the program for Boston College students.

ESCI-UPF’s IBP Program, through the UPF Education Abroad, is currently organizing the third edition of the IBP Boston College extension for a group of 23 students from Boston College (BC) who study different majors and minors in the field of business and marketing.

BC began as a liberal arts college with undergraduate programs in 1863. It soon expanded its educational mission by adding graduate programs and professional schools and became a university with academic excellence and internationally recognized research activity.

ESCI-UPF’s IBP Program is aimed at international undergraduate students with a major or minor in business who wish to acquire an international perspective and a better understanding of the management practices necessary to compete in the global economy. In addition, the program is designed to offer students a view of international business from a multicultural perspective and improve their professional skills.

In this 2024 edition of the IBP Program for Boston College, 3 subjects have been offered (Multinational Finance, taught by Prof. Dr. Samer Ajour; International Marketing, taught by Prof. Dr. Tomislav Rimac; and International Operations Management, taught by Prof. José Miguel Aliaga), of which the students took two in a compact format for 7 weeks.

Credits earned will be transferred to the respective bachelor’s programs pursued at BC. Additionally, for this current edition, the program added an outside classroom team-building activity with the purpose of developing a strategy to solve a problem in groups of 6 in an efficient way.

The academic and personal experience of the participants has been very fulfilling, and for us, it has been a real pleasure to welcome them to ESCI-UPF.

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