Sustainability in the Opera Sector

Main Drivers and Limitations to Improve the Environmental Performance of Scenography

Sustainability Opera
Rennes Opera House. / Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Operarennes)

Mercè Roca has written a paper for the MDPI's journal Sustainability that analyzes the actions that the opera sector needs to foster eco-design and resource efficiency. Jaume Albertí, Alba Bala, Laura Batlle, Pere Fullana from the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change, and Joan Ribas, professor at ESCI-UPF, have also contributed to the article as co-authors.

Private and public organizations are becoming increasingly involved in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This includes organizations within the cultural sector, with a central role in the progress of society. This study presents a state-of-the-art analysis of actions towards sustainability of the opera sector with a life cycle perspective and focusing on the impact of opera sets’ scenery. Our research is based on a review of literature and experiences, the results of interviews, a survey, and an experts’ forum to analyze the related systems, standards, and practices.

The study contributes with novel research that provides an understanding of the factors that determine the environmental performance which are synthesized with a sustainability SWOT analysis. Findings are relevant for academic researchers analyzing the potential conflicts among organizational strategic goals and sustainability and for scenic arts’ practitioners and managers who aim to develop a roadmap towards improving the sustainability of their sector.


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