Interview to Lisa-Marie Bayer, exchange student

«Barcelona and ESCI-UPF exceed my expectations»

Lisa-Marie Bayer
Lisa-Marie Bayer visiting Park Güell in Barcelona.

Lisa-Marie Bayer is an exchange student who came to Barcelona from ESB Business School in Germany. She explains how she’s lived a year abroad at ESCI-UPF. A different experience while pandemic.

Why did you choose Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the nicest cities I have been to. It combines many different aspects of culture including architecture, nice restaurants and bars, music, etc. Moreover, I love the feeling of studying close to the beach and the sunny vibes with palm trees around everywhere, combined with the urban city life.

Would you recommend ESCI-UPF to your friends?

I would definitely recommend ESCI-UPF to my friends, as the courses differ from my home university and are very interesting. They allow you to be more creative and use a hands-on approach due to the seminars. Moreover, I could further explore topics such as Consumer Behaviour, that have not been offered at my home university. I felt very welcome at ESCI-UPF, especially now as we were back to face-to-face classes and the location in Barcelona is great.

Studying at ESCI-UPF is very different from your own university? Why?

It is different in terms of mentality of people as the working atmosphere is very relaxed compared to German group work (Lisa studies at ESB Business School in Germany). But it is a great way to get to know a new culture while interacting with local students. The courses include subjects that are not offered at my home university, and as we can choose from a course catalogue, you can enjoy the topics that you are really interested in. Moreover, I love the seminars, which we do not have at my own university. It is fun and effective to actually apply in teamwork what you have studied right away.

How was having all the classes online?

It was okay for me, since I already have studied one semester at home online, so I was already used to it. I also always felt part of the class and every professor I had put effort to make the classes as lively as possible.

Staying in Barcelona and studying at ESCI-UPF came up to your expectations?

It definitely came up to my expectations, I would even say it exceeded them. I appreciate my time being here in a super nice flat and at my university of choice, meeting so many new people and exploring new places. Especially during COVID-19, this is something which cannot be taken for granted.

What did you expect from your buddy?

I expected to get to know a nice, open minded Spanish student who will be willing to show me around, have insider tips and help me to get used to studying at ESCI-UPF. Of course, turning the buddy into a friend is the best way this exchange can go. With Linda as my buddy, my expectations definitely became real. We even attended a course and seminars together, and I am happy to have a friend who helped me familiarize and get to know this amazing city. 

Which memories will you always remember from this exchange program?

I will always remember the good times I had with my roommates and the new Erasmus students I met at ESCI-UPF. The exchange is a perfect opportunity to live like a local (tapas y sangría) while getting to know many new people and enjoying an excellent education at ESCI-UPF, with courses selected to your own preference.

Describe your experience in Barcelona with 3 words.

Exciting, fun, memorable.

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