Recyclability Seal, finalist of Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards

Sello de Reciclabilidad, finalista de Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards
Foto: Pick & Pack Expo & Congress Barcelona

El nuevo Sello de Reciclabilidad impulsado por DríadeSM y respaldado por la Cátedra UNESCO de Ciclo de Vida y Cambio Climático ESCI-UPF, ha sido reconocido como finalista al mejor proyecto de ‘Excelencia en sostenibilidad y ecodesarrollo industrial’ en los Premios Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards.

The Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards 2020 were awarded yesterday at the Awards Ceremony held in the framework of the National Packaging Congress 4.0, within the PICK & PACK fair that takes place between February 12th and February 14th in Barcelona. This fair brings together professionals and companies from the packaging sector, including DríadeSM, to exchange their experiences, products, innovations and knowledge, in order to transform the sector and its businesses by adapting to the challenges of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (digitization, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, sustainability, etc.).

Among the projects recognized at the Award Gala, the new Recyclability Certificate and Seal, promoted by DríadeSM and supported by the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF, was selected as a finalist for the best project for ‘Excellence in sustainability and industrial eco-development’. Within this category, the awards recognized projects that met sustainable development goals, based on the use of recycled, renewable, lightweight materials with a minimal environmental footprint.

Organized by PICK&PACK, the Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards recognized the work, leadership and transformation of the companies committed to innovation in the packaging and intralogistics sectors, focusing on the areas of process solutions, manufacturing and printing for the overall supply chain.

About the Recyclability Seal

The Recyclability Certificate is a self-declaration by which packaging manufacturing companies and/or packaging companies can identify the amount of packaging material available for quality recycling. In order to obtain the Certificate, an expert in the field thoroughly evaluates the packaging followed by an external review by the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF. Once the Certificate is approved by the Chair and obtained by the company, the Recyclability Seal can be used as a voluntary ecolabel that companies can include on the packaging to show their results.

During this process, in addition to the Recyclability Certificate and Seal, an exhaustive knowledge is gathered about the interferences that the packaging could generate in the processes for its recycling. Therefore, a proposal for improvement of the recyclability of the packaging is given to the companies involved.

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