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José Miguel Ramírez shares his PhD topic with BDBI students

  • 11/11/2022
  • 1 min reading time

Last Wednesday, the alumni of Bachelor's Degree in Bioinformatics, José Miguel Ramírez and Alba Malagón, were the guest speakers at the Introduction to Bioinformatics talk addressed to first-year students. They explained their career path and their area of research.

José Miguel Ramírez is alumni of the first graduating class of Bachelor’s Degree in Bioinformatics. During the degree, he did the internship and his Final Project at CRG Epitranscriptomics and RNA Dynamics lab. He also studied for a master’s in Data Science at UPC, and he is currently doing his PhD at Transcriptomics and Functional Genomics Lab from Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).

After explaining his educational and professional path, he shared the topic of the PhD he is developing at BSC. The main goal of his research is to understand how diseases affect the transcriptome across different human tissues and different demographic traits.

Complex diseases such as diabetes have systemic associations with transcriptome variation, yet most studies have only focused on specific tissues like the pancreas. By taking advantage of multi-tissue data, Ramírez is assessing how common complex diseases affect the transcriptome of different human tissues.

Furthermore, by integrating gene expression data with histology images, he and his lab linked changes at the gene level with changes in tissue architecture caused by the progression of diabetes.

Later on, was the turn of Alba Malagón. Malagón graduated from BDBI in 2021. She did the internship and her Final Project at qGenomics, a spin-off enterprise from CRG and UPF. Like Ramírez, Malagón also decided to complete her education with a master’s degree in Data Science, which she is currently studying at UOC.

She explained why she decided to study Bioinformatics and a Master’s Degree focused on Data Science. She also shared the topic of her Final Degree Project, which earned her first prize at the Final Degree Projects call of her promotion.

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