“The MScIB is pure fun and learning”

  • 06/07/2021
  • 2 mins reading time
Interview International Business
Photo: Ferdinando Burgo

Ferdinando Burgo is an Italian student of the Master of Science in International Business (MScIB) offered by ESCI-UPF, UPF and UPF-BSM. He grew up in Sicily and studied a Bachelor’s degree in Languages for Enterprises in Milano. After his graduation, he was sure about his next step: apply for the MScIB. In this interview, he shares how it has been the experience.

1. How did you hear about the Master of Science in International Business? Why did you choose it?

A person may be ambitious, but ambition without a strategy and a path to follow is simply vain. The best thing that can happen in life (especially during the study period) is to have a mentor whose advice is wise and enlightening. I first heard about the master thanks to Lorenzo –a guy who attended the Master of Science in International Business some years ago before me.

2. In your opinion, which things make the difference at the MScIB?

This answer was clear in my mind since the first trimester spent at UPF. I will list three main points:

  • The teaching staff: forget about the stereotypical university professor stuck in his gloomy parqueted office whose only experience in life was in a library. The teaching staff of UPF-BSM is made by professionals whose life experiences are broad (government functionaries, bank consultants, partners of tax valuation companies, experts of blockchain, companies managers and so on). The life experiences of these people are what confers them the charm to inspire their students.

  • The additional courses of the master: A master that is not only a master! I was surprised about all the additional activities distributed during the year. During Christmas, the UPF-BSM offers a Christmas cocktail party for the students. And in the third trimester, includes a business trip to a foreign country and a subject called “Business Game” includes a visit to a famous vineyard of Catalunya.

  • The benefits offered by UPF: The tuition fee includes not only the mere course but a lot more! Firstly, during the first semester, it is possible to have access to a language course (3 hours per week) fully covered by UPF-BSM. Secondly, thanks to the UPF card, it is possible to obtain discounts on different kinds of facilities. Thirdly, the BSM Balmes building boasts a breathtaking terrace in the fancy area of Eixample that is possible to access to study or to take a break. Fourthly, after the master is possible to apply for the UPF summer school, which is an additional course fully covered by UPF. Lastly, every year UPF offers scholarships to its students that work abroad, and this is a great opportunity to help students with their expenses.

3. The MScIB students are from all over the world. How would you describe the experience of working in such an international environment?

It is pure fun and learning. It is a cherished life experience that genuinely expands minds and horizons. Furthermore, networking will always come in handy in both private and working life.

4. How has it been the experience of living and studying in Barcelona? Did the COVID-19 situation change your day-to-day life?

I would lie if I say that COVID-19 does not affect my daily routine. However, luckily Barcelona is the most reactive city where to live in a pandemic. There was always the opportunity to socialize and to share experiences, even during COVID-19. Furthermore, UPF management did their best to ensure us, students, a comfortable learning environment.

5. Once you finish the master, which are your career plans for the future?

UPF-BSM provided me with a broader perspective of the working environment. Now I am confident that I will work for some years in a big and structured company. Afterwards, I would love to start with my own company.

6. Would you recommend the Master of Science in International Business?

I have one sister and one brother. I want the best for them, which is why I suggested that they enroll in UPF-BSM! The MScIB is a guarantee of learning from professional teaching staff in a vibrant environment.

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