Taking care of your Personal Branding

  • 13/02/2020
  • 1 min reading time
Personal Branding
Photo: ESCI-UPF Archive

David Braun works with selected startups in their launchpad hyper-acceleration program at Google. He prepared a conference divided into two parts: the first one dedicated to personal branding theory and the second one exploring the ways to improve our personal brand, specifically on LinkedIn.

At first, the lecturer presented what means personal branding and why is it useful. Personal Branding is, basically, the knowledge of what it is important to show about ourselves. You need to know who you are in order to work on your personal branding. There are three stadiums of identity: Internal, External and Overarching identity. Internal is what we are, External is the way we behave and Overarching identity reflects our values and set of morals. The last one is the most stable.

David Braun gave some examples of strong personal brand identities. According to him, Oprah Winfrey or Richard Branson are blunt examples of working in your Personal Brand, which means that you understand what is essential to your success.

After that, he proposed the students some activities to start working on their personal brand. The first one was preparing shortlists about the three stadiums of their own identity, to provoke critical analysis of themselves. Another activity was related to Ikigai, a Japanese word and exercise that helps thinking about ourselves by asking the following questions: What do you love to do? What are you good at? What can you be paid for? What does the world need? What do you hate to do?

David Braun also said that personality changes: what we are today is not the same we were 5 years ago. That is the reason why Braun presented the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (a very useful test that defines us among 16 different personalities).

The second part of the lecture was a workshop. The goal was to squeeze all our potentials and express them on our “Online presence”, as Braun explained. The exercise was doing a full makeover of students’ LinkedIn Profile applying the tips learned during the class.

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