Business game at MScIB

Business game at MScIB

Professor Elena Golovko talks about the teaching method that includes a game or a simulation in the classroom, acknowledged as one of the best ways to “empower” students in class. The course “Business game” uses an online business simulation designed to bring together the theory and practice of strategic decision making in the realistic environment of a dynamic organization and industry.

Master Thesis MScIB

MScIB: Getting Projects Ready!

Mercè Roca and Ramon Xifré, Academic Director and Master Thesis Coordinator of the Master of Science in International Business (MScIB), explain the Master Thesis that will be presented during the last week of June. This final project synthesizes the master’s coursework and is an important professionalizing component of the program.

People Management

The key to growing People Management

Esther López, Human Resources professional and expert in multinational companies, has given a class to the MScIB students. A presentation of the Strategic Enabler model of COESIA, a multinational group formed by 21 different companies and an example of the value of People Management.


Explaining international migrations

The Master of Science in International Business (MScIB) students enjoyed a masterclass by Mariña Fernández Reino. Her speciality is the study of the educational inequalities and migration, and her lecture was entitled “International Migrations and their Impact on the Economic Global Order”.


Mindfulness: how to focus

Enrique Escauriaza, coach and expert in leadership, explained to the students of Master of Science in International Business (MScIB) the power of mindfulness and the benefits of focusing and concentrating on the present instead of multitasking.

Business trip

Moscow, the Business Trip of the MScIB

This year, the destination was Moscow. Although in the last decade Russia has experienced a relative slowing down of the local economy, it is an upper-middle income country with an attractive market size and opportunities for foreign trade and investment. The perfect destination to learn of a history of adaptability and transformation.

Negotiation Errol Cohen

Learning negotiation with Errol Cohen

Errol Cohen has participated in a handful of negotiations all over the world between big companies and personalities such as Apple or Steven Spielberg. He has made possible the resolution of conflicts that seemed unavoidable and, one more year, he has come to share his expertise with the students at ESCI-UPF.