Learning in class with Wallerstein (2)

By means of World-Systems Analysis, we explain Brexit as another expression of a broader anti-establishment movement, a challenge the British elites have finally managed to tame. Blaming false enemies, openly lying to voters, or calling a dividing plebiscite are some of the mechanisms that these elites have used to protect their privileged status quo, in a push to restore order and capitalism.

Wallerstein Brexit

Learning in class with Wallerstein (1)

According to Wallerstein, understanding this rapidly shifting world—and such complicated processes like Brexit—is the first task we need to perform to make informed ethical decisions and choose the best available options. Otherwise, anxiety, fear, and pessimism will stop us from acting the right way in the construction of the post-COVID-19 globalization model that will replace our exhausted one.

75 anys Dia D

75 anys del desembarcament de Normandia

El 6 de juny es commemoren 75 anys del desembarcament de Normandia, l’acte heroic de més de 150.000 soldats que va permetre als aliats penetrar les defenses nazis de la França ocupada i obrir un nou front d’esperança des d’occident. Trump ha tornat a Europa per recordar-ho i discutir sobre l’estat actual de les seves aliances.

WTO Chloe Domaradzki

Chloe Domaradzki, president of the Model WTO

“We are the leaders of tomorrow”

Chloe Domaradzki, born in 1998, is the current president of the Model WTO. Her prospects after finishing the Bachelor's Degree in International Affairs at the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland) are studying a Masters in International Development and pursuing a career in a development bank or in the development department of an international organization.

Classe eleccions europees Joan Pere Plaza

Europa va a les urnes

El professor d’European Integration del GNMI, Joan Pere Plaza, va organitzar aquesta setmana una trobada amb els alumnes d’ESCI-UPF per parlar sobre el procés electoral que aquesta mateixa setmana s’està duent a terme a la Unió Europea.