Business trip

Moscow, the Business Trip of the MScIB

This year, the destination was Moscow. Although in the last decade Russia has experienced a relative slowing down of the local economy, it is an upper-middle income country with an attractive market size and opportunities for foreign trade and investment. The perfect destination to learn of a history of adaptability and transformation.


Canadà, més a prop

La psicosi col·lectiva que afecta al món del comerç internacional fruit de l’arriscada aposta de Trump per reforçar el lideratge estatunidenc davant de l’empenta xinesa ha provocat un daltabaix en els mercats. Però hi ha alternatives i oportunitats que cal valorar. La del Canadà fruit de l’acord de la UE és una d’elles.

Negotiation Errol Cohen

Learning negotiation with Errol Cohen

Errol Cohen has participated in a handful of negotiations all over the world between big companies and personalities such as Apple or Steven Spielberg. He has made possible the resolution of conflicts that seemed unavoidable and, one more year, he has come to share his expertise with the students at ESCI-UPF.